Sport Broadcasting Services-An Analysis

With the emergence of a new style of play in the NBA, teams are forced to adapt by changing up their lineups. In the past, teams dominated with big men, such as Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O’neal, Pau Gasol, and so on. Guards would complement these players, and that would lead to the dominance on court. Nowadays, these big men are a thing of the past unless they are able to switch up their styles. The NBA has become extremely high scoring due to the three pointer. Now more than ever, teams are hitting record breaking three point shots and attempts.  해외농구중계

From a fantasy basketball standpoint, the three pointer category is more saturated, and fantasy points in any format favors players who are able to shoot the three ball. So it is clear to see why under athletic big men are now getting crowded out of their traditional minutes because coaches like Steve Kerr are opting for a four out one in look instead. This change in gameplay within the past five years forces fantasy basketball veterans to also change the way they draft, research, and set their lineups on a daily bais. In daily fantasy basketball formats, like DraftKings or Fanduel, drafting big men who are not able to play the stretch position are vastly underperforming and could be detrimental to your team.