Legendary pitcher Beomguner, how far will it fall?

The reason Beomgarner is falling

Madison Bumgarner, 31, who signed a five-year-$85 million contract with Arizona Diamondbacks last winter, continues to suffer.

Bumgarner started on the 10th (hereinafter Korean time) in the away game against San Diego Padres held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA.

On this day, Bumgarner threw 47 balls (29 strikes) in 2 innings, with 5 hits and 6 runs. While holding two strikeouts, he hit a whopping four home runs.

Before going up the mound, Bumgarner checks the status of 스포츠토토 and goes up.

After giving Manny Machado a one-point home run in the first inning, Bumgarner was beaten by a two-point home run to Will Myers. In the first time, he scored 3 runs with 2 home runs.

Following that, Bumgarner had to lower his head

allowing Machado to hit a home run by two points after being hit by Fernando Tatis Jr. in the second inning.

Eventually, Bumgarner couldn’t get on the mound from the third inning after giving 6 points with 4 home runs. The season average ERA rose from 7.04 to 9.35.

Bumgarner’s sluggishness was predicted to some extent. Last year’s average ERA of 3.90 was getting worse and worse. Also, this season, the redemption has declined sharply.

Arizona signed a five-year contract with Bumgarner looking forward to the appearance of an ace. However, Bumgarner is showing sluggish enough to threaten the starting position in the early season of the first year of his contract.


Madison Bumgarner’s early drop in restraint in the season is terrifying.

Bumgarner started as a starting pitcher in the match against the Houston Astros at the home stadium Chase Field on August 5. Bumgarner, who couldn’t take a win, challenged the first win of the season because he was graded in the sixth in both of the previous two appearances.

However, Bumgarner made the worst pitching. From the first inning, he gave a home run to Jose Altube and allowed the first run. Episode 2 was worse. Bumgarner allowed two hits and two shots, including Carlos Correa’s home run in the second inning only, making the score 0-3.

However, the worst did not come until the 5th episode.

After one out in the 5th inning, Bumgarner allowed doubles-walking-fielder selection-matching ball-hits in succession. When the score reached 1-5, the Arizona bench made a pitcher change. The next pitcher Stephen Crickton brought in all of Bumgarner’s runners, and Bumgarner’s runs increased to eight points.

On this day, Bumgarner scored 8 runs (7 ERA) with 7 hits and 2 walks in 4.1 innings. He also recorded two home runs. Bumgarner’s season average ERA rose from 4.09 to 7.04. After the game, Bumgarner expressed disappointment about the game, saying, “Honestly, it wasn’t very good.”

The record itself is not the only concern for Bumgarner. Compared to normal years, there is no restraint. Bumgarner steadily threw an average of 90 miles until last year. It hit the lowest level at 90.8 miles (about 146.1km/h) in 2018, but rebounded to 91.4 miles (147.1km/h) last year.

But this year, they haven’t even seen the 90-mile ball.

Bumgarner threw 101 four-seam fastballs in three starts until the 5th. However, none of these balls exceed 90 miles. The season’s highest redemption was 89.3 miles (143.7km/h) thrown twice, and the average redemption fell to 87.9 miles (141.5km/h).

Of course, as the season progresses abnormally due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) this season, many pitchers are suffering from detention and injuries. However, it is even more shocking that Bumgarner, who is a major league representative, suddenly lost his arrest. The five-year, $85 million contract between Arizona and Bumgarner has not yet started in earnest.

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Eric Hosmer (30, the San Diego Padres) meets natural enemy Madison Bumgarner (31, Arizona Diamondbacks) and suffers a bitter defeat.

San Diego won Arizona 7-2 in the opening game against Arizona at Petco Park in San Diego, USA on the 25th (Korean time). The starter for San Diego was Shin Sung Chris Paddack (24), and the starter for Arizona was Bumgarner, who is still more familiar with the San Francisco Giants uniform.

Bumgarner, who debuted at the San Francisco Giants in 2009 and won three World Series championships, signed a five-year, $85 million contract with Arizona last winter. In today’s game, which also attracted attention as the first match after Bumgarner’s transfer, Bumgarner seemed to have regained his past skills by scoring a zero goal in the fifth inning.

But Bumgarner’s greed to finish the innings ruined everything.

Fernando Tatis Jr. allowed doubles, but Bumgarner, who pitched only 80 pitches until the sixth inning, wanted to end the inning. The fastball had already dropped significantly, and he wasn’t able to reach the ball, and he eventually walked to Tommy Pam.

Bumgarner seemed to finish smoothly by catching two strikes first to Propa Jurickson, but after that, Propa walked on a walk after a 10-foot match, resulting in a two-person base.

At this time, today’s MVP Hosmer appeared. Until this day, Hosmer was very weak against Bumgarner with 15 at-bats and no hits. Although he made his first hit against Bumgarner in the previous at-bat, the natural enemy relationship seemed to be still valid.

However, Hosmer was no longer intimidated by Bumgarner.

Hosmer struck Bumgarner’s 82-mile (132km/h) cutter and scored a sweeping double, and Bumgarner was finally beaten with the responsibility of losing the sixth inning.

Hosmer, who had cleared his natural enemies, finished the game with three hits and six RBIs after another double-stroke against pitcher Kevin Kinkel, who was changed in the 7th inning.

With this, Hosmer became a player with 6 RBIs in the opening game of the Major League after Placido Polanco in 2010, and remains the first player in the history of the San Diego franchise to score 6 RBIs in the opening game.

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